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The archive focuses on the public material produced by the AYMs.

Although material was collected from four regions, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Birmingham and London, the majority of the material retrieved has been from the North. This partly reflects the stability of some individuals in northern towns against the greater mobility of individuals in the South, especially London. We also prioritised the collection of material in the homes of individuals rather than material that has been collected by funded organisations. 

The majority of the ephemera collected represents material in the files of AYM members. Some material however, has been collected from other sources, where there were gaps. For example, material on campaigns against immigration controls in Manchester was scanned from the Steve Cohen collection at the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Centre, because AYM members in Manchester could not locate much from their own files. In this sense, the archive material is a rich source for the study of anti-racism in the 1970s and 1980s. Inclusion

of material in the archive is not always an indication of a campaign being led by the AYMs, although it does indicate their support.

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