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Title Nasira Begum's fight goes on

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Nasira Begum's fight goes on

Creator Nasira Begum Defence Campaign

Description Leaflet details Nasira's struggle with the Home Office to fight deportation. Also details three cases of women fighting deportation and urges supporters to demonstrate on the 5th September 1983 and petition the Home Office

Subject Deportation

Person(s) AYM Bradford, AYM Manchester, CARL, IWA, KWA, Nasira Begum, Nasreen Akhtar, Cynthia Gordon, Jaswinder Kaur. Gerald Kaufman.

Place Manchester

Date 05.09.1982

Format text

Physical Description White paper, black print double sided

Where held JR

Language English

Rights Jani Rashid

Access by private appointment

Additional Information All Jani Rashid's material was collected during his membership of Asian Youth Movement, Bradford. He was their printer"

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