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Demonstration in Manchesternot knownimmigration, deportationDemonstration in support of a milk

Anwar and children at the airport.not knownimmigration, deportationPhotograph of Anwar with her child

Fight Racism, Stop Police raidsAYM, ManchesterRacism, police racism, ImmigrationDual language leaflet for a public

Home Office QC admits RacismBig Flame, ManchesterRacism, police racism, ImmigrationArticle which highlights the racis

A black and White Case The CurrahImmigration Article in support of Anwar's stru

Coming 'home' To mumDaily ExpressImmigrationAn article published after the Hom

Local immigrants set up opposition to restrictions: Campaign to fight squalid laws.Evening ChronicleImmigration, racism, deportationAn article which highlights how im

Anwar Ditta: Appeal RejectedFRFIImmigrationPress coverage of the rejection of

Anwar Ditta: Black Family DividedFRFIImmigration, deportation, racism.An article which highlights the st

Anwar Ditta Campaign GrowsFRFIImmigration, racism, deportationArticle which updates Anwar's defe

Anwar Ditta: I will Fight to the Last Breath.FRFIImmigration, racism, deportationArticle which gives information ab

Mum who waits for a HugManchester Evening NewsImmigrationAn article published as Anwar wait

Demonstration in Rochdalenot knownimmigrationAnwar and supporters at assembly p

Anwar Ditta Repeal Racist Immigration Law.MilitantImmigrationAn article on Anwar's case and the

Give Me Back My FamilyMorning StarImmigrationA short article on Anwar's case

Mother's Plea For Her ChildrenMorning StarImmigrationA report from a meeting where Anwa

Mother Forces Tories To Think AgainMorning StarImmigrationAn article which reports that on

Anwar Unites Family then Fights For OthersNewslineImmigration, racism, deportationA photograph of Anwar with her fam

Deportation Threat But The Children Are BritishNewslineImmigration, racism, deportationA report of a meeting where a numb

Nasira BegumNewslineImmigration, racism, deportationAn article published as Home Offic

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Searching for , Found 938 item

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Collections in the archive:

AD Anwar Ditta (documents relating to Anwar Ditta Defence Campaign, Rochdale)

DP Dilip Parmar (documents relating to AYO, Bolton)

JA Jayesh Amin (Bradford 12, UBYL)

JR Jani Rashid (documents relating to AYM, Bradford)

MD Mukhtar Dar (documents from AYM, Sheffield, Birmingham)

MF Max Farrar (Bradford 12 Campaign)

MH Matloob Hussain (documents from AYM, Sheffield and includes material from AYMs in Manchester and Bradford and campaigns in London)

NQ Nilofer Shaikh and Quamrul Kabir (documents from AYM, Manchester)

SC Saathi Centre (documents from AYM, Bradford, also contains documents produced by AYMs in Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and Burnley and Pendle and campaigns in London)

ST Steve Cohen (documents on immigration campaigns, especially around Manchester)

TM Tariq Mehmood (Bradford 12, UBYL)



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