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Collections in the archive:

AD Anwar Ditta (documents relating to Anwar Ditta Defence Campaign, Rochdale)

DP Dilip Parmar (documents relating to AYO, Bolton)

JA Jayesh Amin (Bradford 12, UBYL)

JR Jani Rashid (documents relating to AYM, Bradford)

MD Mukhtar Dar (documents from AYM, Sheffield, Birmingham)

MF Max Farrar (Bradford 12 Campaign)

MH Matloob Hussain (documents from AYM, Sheffield and includes material from AYMs in Manchester and Bradford and campaigns in London)

NQ Nilofer Shaikh and Quamrul Kabir (documents from AYM, Manchester)

SC Saathi Centre (documents from AYM, Bradford, also contains documents produced by AYMs in Manchester, Sheffield, Birmingham and Burnley and Pendle and campaigns in London)

ST Steve Cohen (documents on immigration campaigns, especially around Manchester)

TM Tariq Mehmood (Bradford 12, UBYL)